>Coronavirus Vaccine booster appointments

The Dalston Practice vaccination centre is based at Wigton Community Hospital.

We have now boosted more than 50% of our eligible patients with the Covid Vaccine. If you think you are now due your booster please contact us. It has to be 6 months or 180 days from your second vaccine.

If we don’t have the correct contact details for yourself please contact us to have these updated, this enables us to send a text message rather than try and call you.

As of next week all our boosters will be Moderna.  If you have received a letter from secondary care advising you are eligible for a third dose and a booster vaccine please contact reception and let us know so we can ensure the correct dose of booster is given.

Unfortunately at the moment we can’t vaccinate anyone under 18 with the Moderna vaccine so we advise all under 18 year olds who are eligible for second dose or booster call 119 or book online at a walk in clinic.